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Pull Your Chain : Phrases


To take advantage of someone in an unfair way to do something to annoy someone; to tease or needle someone just to get a reaction from them.


The fox loved to
pull his chain by stealing the farmer's rabbits and chickens.


This North American slang originated in the 1980s as an expression for someone who is trying to annoy or get a reaction from someone else. Feisty, formidable Charlotte Whitton, the former mayor of Ottawa, was introduced to the mayor of London, England. He was bedecked in all the medals and chains of his office, while she had only a flower in her lapel.
There was something fitting, about this, wasn’t there the London mayor asked. After all, what was Ottawa, a city of 600,000, compared to London, twelve million? He leaned forward and said most haughtily, If I sniff your rose, will you blush? Charlotte replied, And if I pull your chain, will you flush?

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