Punctuation Marks

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Punctuation Marks :

Punctuation Marks express or point out the place of an action.

  1. Full stop (.)

  2. Comma (,)

  3. Semicolon (;)

  4. Colon ( : )

  5. Note of Interrogation (?)

  6. Note of Exclamation (!)

  7. Inverted Commas (“”)

  8. Apostrophe (‘’)

Full Stop (.) :

Declarative Sentence, Imperative Sentence

Vivek writes well.

Shut the door.

Comma (,) :

Compound sentence

Sankavi speaks English correctly, fluently and neatly.

The way was long, and the wind was cold.

Semicolon (;) :

Her habits were pure; her life was serene.

God gave her all; she is no more now.

Note of Interrogation (?) :

What is your name?

Have you finished your work?

Note of Exclamation (!) :

Ah! I have got the first rank.

What a terrible life she had!

Inverted Commas (“”) :

Arun said, “I would rather resign”.

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