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You have to raise few questions about Purpose. When you begin a writing project, think specifically about why you are writing. As a Student, of course, your first answer might be that you’re writing to fill an assignment. Fair enough, but you still need to ask your – self what you are specifically trying to accomplish with this project.

Here’s set of basic questions that can be helpful:

Questions about Purpose :

• Do you want primarily to inform, entertain, or persuade your readers?

• What major points do you want to make?

• What change, if any do you want to bring about?

• How do you want our readers to respond?

Writing out answers to these questions not only can help you decide what you want to accomplish with your writing but will also help you generate material. Even if your purpose changes somewhat as you draft, you need to have a clear idea about what you what to say in order to begin.

Here’s how an analysis of the writer’s purpose for the project on the Artist Artemisia Gentileschi might look:

Purpose Analysis :

Do you want primarily to inform entertain or persuade? : My primary purpose here is to inform.

What major points do you want to make? : I want readers to understand the obstacles Gentileschi overcame to achieve recognition.

How do you want your readers to respond? : I would like them to think about some of the circumstances that affect artists’ work and the handicaps under which women painters had to work.

What change do you want to bring about? : I have no particular change in mind.

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