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Qualify : verb :

(a) to qualify for = to be in the right position for or to be entitled to

• The company does not qualify for a government grant.

• She qualifies for unemployment pay.

(b) to qualify as = to follow a specialized course and pass examinations so that you can do a certain job

• She has qualified as an accountant.

• He will qualify as a solicitor next year.

(c) the auditors have qualified the accounts = the auditors have found something in the accounts of the company which they do not agree with and have noted it

Qualified : adjective :

(a) having passed special examinations in a subject

• She is a qualified accountant.

• We have appointed a qualified designer to supervise the new factory project.

Highly Qualified = with very good results in examinations

• All our staff are highly qualified.

• They employ twenty-six highly qualified engineers.

(b) with some reservations or conditions

• Qualified acceptance of a contract

• The plan received qualified approval from the board.

Qualified Accounts = accounts which have been noted by the auditors because they contain something with which the auditors do not agree

Qualifying : adjective : making fit or suitable

Qualifying Period = time which has to pass before something qualifies for a grant or subsidy, etc.

• There is a six-month qualifying period before you can get a grant from the local authority.

Qualifying Shares = number of shares which you need to earn to get a bonus issue or to be a director of the company, etc.

QUOTE : Federal examiners will also determine which of the privately insured savings and loans qualify for federal insurance. (Wall Street Journal)

QUOTE : Applicants will be professionally qualified and ideally have a degree in commerce and post graduate management qualifications. (Australian Financial Review)

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