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Quango, Quantify, Quantifiable and Quantity

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Quango : noun : official body set up by a government to investigate or deal with a special problem

Quantify : verb : to quantify the effect of something = to show the effect of something in figures

• It is impossible to quantify the effect of the new legislation on our turnover.

Quantifiable : adjective : something which can be quantified

• The effect of the change in the discount structure is not quantifiable.

Quantity : noun :

(a) amount or number of items

• A small quantity of illegal drugs

• He bought a large quantity of spare parts.

(b) large amount

• The company offers a discount for quantity purchase.

Quantity Discount = discount given to a customer who buys large quantities of goods

To carry out a quantity survey = to estimate the amount of materials and the cost of the labour required for a construction project

Quantity Surveyor = person who carries out a quantity survey

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