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Quart : noun : old measure of liquids or of loose goods such as seeds (= 1.136 litres)

Quarter : noun :

(a) one of four equal parts

• A quarter of a litre or a quarter litre = 250 millilitres

• A quarter of an hour = 15 minutes

• Three quarters = 75%

• Three quarters of the staff are less than thirty years old.

• He paid only a quarter of the list price.

(b) period of three months

• First Quarter

• Second Quarter

• Third Quarter

• Fourth Quarter

• Last Quarter = periods of three months from January to the end of March or from April to the end of June or from July to the end of September or from October to the end of the year

• The instalments are payable at the end of each quarter.

• The first quarter's rent is payable in advance.

Quarter Day = day at the end of a quarter when rents or fees, etc. should be paid

(c) in US (informal) : 25 cent coin

Quarterly : adjective & adverb : happening every three months or happening four times a year

• There is a quarterly charge for electricity.

• The bank sends us a quarterly statement.

• We agreed to pay the rent on a quarterly basis.

• We agreed to pay the rent quarterly.

QUOTE : Corporate profits for the first quarter showed a 4 per cent drop from last year’s fina1 three months. (Financial Times)

QUOTE : Economists believe the economy is picking up this quarter and will do better still in the second half of the year. (Sunday Times)

Quartile : noun : One of three figures below which 25%, 50% or 75% of a total falls.

Quasi- : prefix : almost or which seems like

• A quasi-official body

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