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Quay, Query, Question and Questionnaire

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Quay : noun : place in a harbour where ships tie up

Price Ex-Quay = price of goods after they have been unloaded, not including transport from the harbour


Query : noun : question

• The chief accountant had to answer a mass of queries from the auditors.

Query : verb : to ask a question about something or to suggest that something may be wrong

• The shareholders queried the payments to the chairman's son.

Question : noun :

(a) words which need an answer

• The managing director refused to answer questions about redundancies.

• The market research team prepared a series of questions to test the public's reactions to colour and price.

(b) problem

• He raised the question of moving to less expensive offices.

• The main question is that of cost.

• The board discussed the question of redundancy payments.

Question : verb :

(a) to ask questions

• The police questioned the accounts staff for four hours.

• She questioned the chairman on the company's investment policy.

(b) to query or to suggest that something may be wrong

• We all question how accurate the computer printout is.

Questionnaire : noun : printed list of questions, especially used in market research

• To send out a questionnaire to test the opinions of users of the system

• To answer or to fill in a questionnaire about holidays abroad

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