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Question Formation :

What, When, Who, Where, Why, How : These words are used to frame questions.

Examples :
  1. I went to school yesterday. (When did you go to school?)

  2. He went to the zoo with his parents. (Whom did he go to the zoo?)

  3. I am 15 years old. (How old are you?)

  4. I can swim in the sea. (Where can you swim?)

  5. I come from Thanjavur. (Where do you come from?)

  6. I am interested in stamp collecting. (What are you interested in?)

  7. I am going to the market. (Where are you going?)

  8. I am a doctor. (What are you?)

  9. My father is a professor in a college. (What is your father?)

  10. My father has gone to Bangalore.( Where has your father gone?)

  11. My brother is absent for school because he is ill. (Why is your brother absent for school?)

  12. This is my book. (Whose book is this?)

  13. I like to read novel. (What do you like? )

  14. Dr. Abdul Kalam is the President of India. (Who is the president of India?)

  15. My father is a driver. (What is your father?)

  16. Kannan went to Delhi last week. (Where did Kannan go last week?)

  17. There are 30 districts in Tamilnadu. (How many districts are there in Tamilnadu?)

  18. Latha celebrated her 75th birthday.( What did Latha celebrate?)

  19. Chennai usually has rains from October to November. (When does Chennai usually have rain?)

  20. Marconi invented radio. (Who invented radio?)

  21. Vellore is 130 km away from Chennai? (How far is Vellore from Chennai?)

  22. The blue book is mine. (Which book is mine?)

  23. Radha’s cat doesn’t drink milk. (Whose cat does not drink milk?)

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