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Question Tag :

We change a tag with Positive and Negative Statement.

Examples :

  1. Your father is a doctor. Isn’t he?

  2. You are angry with me. Aren’t you?

  3. Lazy people don’t fail. Do they?

  4. Have another cup of tea. Will you?

  5. I didn’t break it. Did you?

  6. Ramu broke the glass. Didn’t they?

  7. The milkman did not come today. Did he?

  8. The workers did not kill the snake. Did they?

  9. Sugar dissolves in water. Doesn’t it?

  10. He is a fool. Isn’t he?

  11. Kumaran repaired the radio. Didn’t he?

  12. He is an important person. Isn’t he?

  13. You can’t understand it. Can you?

  14. I am in your way. Aren’t I?

  15. It is not going to rain. Is it?

  16. You can’t drive a car. Can you?

  17. You are a graduate. Aren’t you?

  18. It is a costly pen. Isn’t it?

  19. She was a good doctor. Wasn’t she?

  20. You can’t climb Himalayas. Can you?

  21. You did not see him. Did you?

  22. They won the match. Didn’t they?

  23. Old people need not play games. Need they?

  24. He seldom remains at home. Does he?

  25. We have not seen a Cheetah. Have we?

  26. Give me your book. Will you?

  27. My mother will tell me. Won’t you?

  28. My friend doesn’t know French. Does she?

  29. Good people behave well. Don’t they?

  30. My mother doesn’t cook well. Does she?

  31. Honesty is the best policy. Isn’t she?

  32. Students study well. Don’t they?

  33. The teacher teaches well. Doesn’t they?

  34. My father is a former. Isn’t he?

  35. Kannan is able to play cricket well. Isn’t he?

  36. Kumaran is a brilliant boy. Isn’t he?

  37. Meenu was not able to go to school. Was she?

  38. I am always at your service. Aren’t I?

  39. The students have started to write. Haven’t they?

  40. The baby doesn’t drink the milk. Does it?

  41. My grand mother didn’t sleep well during night. Did she?

  42. I have to go to eat. Haven’t I?

  43. I am writing a letter to my friend. Aren’t I?

  44. Lame people can’t walk properly. Can they?

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