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Quit, Quite, Quorum and Quota

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Quit : verb : to resign or to leave (a job)

• He quit after an argument with the managing director.

• Several of the managers are quitting to set up their own company.

NOTE : quitting - quit

Quite : adverb :

(a) more or less

• He is quite a good salesman.

• She can type quite fast.

• Sales are quite satisfactory in the first quarter.

(b) very or completely

• He is quite capable of running the department alone.

• The company is quite possibly going to be sold.

(c) quite a few or quite a lot = many

• Quite a few of our sales staff are women.

• Quite a lot of orders come in the pre-Christmas period.

Quorum : noun : number of people who have to be present at a meeting to make it valid

• To have a quorum = to have enough people present for a meeting to go ahead

• Do we have a quorum?

Quota : noun : fixed amount of something which is allowed

Import Quota = fixed quantity of a particular type of goods which the government allows to be imported

• The government has imposed a quota on the importation of cars.

• The quota on imported cars has been lifted.

Quota System = system where imports or supplies are regulated by fixing maximum amounts

• To arrange distribution through a quota system = to arrange distribution by allowing each distributor only a certain number of items

QUOTE : Canada agreed to a new duty-free quota of 600.000 tonnes a year. (Globe and Mail -Toronto)

Quote : verb : to repeat words used by someone else

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