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Quote : verb : to repeat words used by someone else

Quote : verb :

(a) to repeat a reference number

• He quoted figures from the annual report.

• In reply please quote this number.

• When making a complaint please quote the batch number printed on the box.

• He replied quoting the number of the account.

(b) to estimate or to say what costs may be

• To quote a price for supplying stationery

• Their prices are always quoted in dollars

• He quoted me a price of £ 1 ,026

• Can you quote for supplying 20,000 envelopes?

Quote : noun : (informal) estimate of how much something will cost

• To give someone a quote for supplying computers

• We have asked for quotes for refitting the shop

• His quote was the lowest of three.

• We accepted the lowest quote.

Quotation : noun :

(a) estimate of how much something will cost

• They sent in their quotation for the job.

• To ask for quotations for refitting the shop

• His quotation was much lower than all the others.

• We accepted the lowest quotation.

(b) Quotation on the Stock Exchange or Stock Exchange

Quotation = listing of the price of a share on the Stock Exchange

• The company is going for a quotation on the Stock Exchange = the company has applied to the Stock Exchange to have its shares listed

• We are seeking a stock market quotation.
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