This KEY is the Prefix RE which means BACK & AGAIN. It is a very simple key and here it is used with simple root words. The only word in the list which is a bit difficult is NO: 8 and that is analyzed for complete understanding. You will meet RE again later with more difficult words. Just now, remember that RE means BACK; AGAIN.

1. rebuild- RE build (re bild’) v.

Build again..

2. recall- RE call (re kal’) v.

To bring back to mind; remember.

3. recede- RE cede (re sede;) v.

Go back, as the tide will recede at 4 P.M.

4. redye- RE dye (re die’) v.

Color again.

5. reflect- RE flect (re flekt’) v.

Throw back, as a mirror will reflect an image.

6. refold- RE fold (re fold’) v.

Fold again, as refold a letter.

7. regain- Re gain (re gane’) v.

Get back, as regain health.

8. reiterate- RE iterate (re it’ er ate) v.

Say again: repeat.

9. rejoin- RE joion (re join’) v.

Come together again, as rejoin the company.

10. relate- RE late (re late’) v.

Tell again, as relate a story.

11. relive- RE live (re liv’) v.

Live over again, as relive a happy moment.

12. remarry- RE marry (re ma’ ree) v.

Marry again.

13. remind- RE mind (re minde’) v.

Mention again, as remind me to buy bread.

14. repay- Re pay (re pay’) v.

Pay back, as repay a loan.

15. repeat- RE peat (re pete’) v.

Say again; reiterate (See No. 8)

16. resell- RE sell (re sel’) v.

Sell again, as buy a house and resell it.

17. return- RE turn (re turn’) v.

Come back, as return home.

18. reverse- RE verse (re vers’) v.

Turn about; make a complete change, as, reverse judgment.

19. rewarm- RE warm (re warn’) v.

Head again, as rewarm supper.

20. rewrite- RE write (re rite’) v.

Write again, as rewrite a story.

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