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Random Words for 18th December :

  1. Waddle (v) “: move or swing from side to side in walking

  2. Waddle (n) : a walk, as of a duck

  3. Wade (v) : walk through a medium as water, sand etc. that hinders free movement, pass with difficulty

  4. Waft (v) : float or sail over water or sit

  5. Wag (v) : to move rapidly to and fro, nod

  6. Wage (v) : carry on (esp. war), pledge

  7. Wager (n) : that which is waged or pledged, a bet

  8. Wages (n & pl) : periodical payment earned by workers

  9. Wagon (n) : a four wheeled vehicle for carrying heavy goods

  10. Waggon (n) : a four wheeled vehicle for carrying heavy goods

  11. Waif (n) : a homeless wanderer, any thing found ownerless

  12. Wail (n) : loud weeping

  13. Wail (v) : lament or express sorrow audibly

  14. Waistcot (n) : the panelled wooden boards on the walls of apartments

  15. Waist (n) : the part of the human trunk between the ribs and the hips

  16. Waist-band (n) : a band encircling the waist

  17. Wait (v) : to remain in expectancy, watch for, postpone, to be ready to serve a person

  18. Waiter (n) : an attending servant

  19. Waive (v) : give up right

  20. Wake (n) : a watch

  21. Wake (v) : to rouse from sleep or idleness, to remain without sleeping

  22. Wakeful (adj.) : wake up, rouse

  23. Walk (n) : act of walking

  24. Walk (v) : to proceed by foot steps

  25. Wallaby (n) : a small kangaroo

  26. Wallet (n) : a bag for carrying personal things

  27. Wallow (v) : to roll about in mud, dust, etc.

  28. Wall piece (n) : a gun mounted on a wall

  29. Walnut (n) : large tree producing valuable timber or its fruit

  30. Walrus (n) : an aquatic web-footed animal of the Arctic regions

  31. Waltz (n) : a kind of dance

  32. Wan (adj.) : faint, pale and sick

  33. Wand (n) : a rod carried as a symbol of authority, a magician’s rod

  34. Wander (v) : ramble, roam, rove

  35. Wanderings (n & pl) : roaming

  36. Wane (v) : decrease, grow less (esp. of the moon)

  37. Wane (n) : decline, decrease

Random Words for 18th December :

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