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Reading Comprehension :

Read the following passages and answer the questions given below by choosing the best option.

In India alone over fifty thousand books come to light every year, but two thirds of them are financially failures. The books are read of course. The prosperity of the circulating libraries is proof enough of that. But the cultured public while ready enough to borrow books, refuse to buy them. A library buys a couple of copies of a book and five hundred people borrow them. Consequently a book seller is a mite-sufferer. If the book-selling trade should flourish, all the libraries in the country should be closed for a year. A bewildered public would be forced to visit the most honest of all middle-men, book–seller and might discover with the year that the possess of the books is an investment as well as a pleasure.

  1. The author speaks in support of……………

    (a) Libraries (answer)

    (b) readers

    (c) Publishers

    (d) book-sellers

  2. A book- seller is making a poor business because……….

    (a) people don’t read

    (b) books are expensive

    (c) public are not interested

    (d) readers depend on libraries. (answer)

  3. Who, according to the author, makes a profit?

    (a) A book-seller

    (b) A librarian

    (c) Middlemen

    (d) The owner of a circulating library (answer)

  4. The solution to the problem is……………

    (a) the immediate closure of all libraries

    (b) the suspension of the book trade

    (c) to close the libraries on a test basis.

    (d) to force everyone to buy books (answer)

  5. The Possession of books is………………….

    (a) an investment

    (b) a burden

    (c) a pleasure

    (d) both an investment and a pleasure (answer)

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