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Reading Vocabulary for 27th October :

  1. Squint (adj.) : looking obliquely

  2. Squint (v) : look sideways with eyes half closed

  3. Squire (n) : an escort, a landlord

  4. Squirm (v) : twist the body, wriggle

  5. Squirrel (n) : a small rodent with a long bushy tail

  6. Squirt (v) : to shoot out a narrow stream or jet

  7. Stab (v) : pierce with a pointed weapon, slander

  8. Stability (n) : the quality of being stable

  9. Stabilize (v) : make firm

  10. Stable (n) : a place for keeping horse

  11. Stack (n) : a large pile, a chimney

  12. Stack (v) : arrange in a pile

  13. Stadium (n) : a place with seats all round for holding athletic, contests

  14. Staff (n) : a pole, a walking stick, a body of officers a group of assistants, a support

  15. Stag (n) : a male deer

  16. Stage (n) : the raised platform for public performances, the theatre, the distance, travelled between two stopping points, a step in progress

  17. Stage (v) : put on a stage

  18. Stage-coach (n) : a public travelling carriage

  19. Stagger (v) : to move unsteadily, hesitate

  20. Stagger (n) : an unsteady movement

  21. Stagnate (v) : cease flowing, stand still, become dull

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