Reciprocal Pronoun

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We use
reciprocal pronoun when each of two or more subjects is acting in the same way towards the other.

For example :

A is talking to B.
B is talking to A.

So we say :

  • A and B are talking to each other.

    The action is reciprocated.

  • John talks to Mary and Mary talks to John.

  • I give you a present and you give me a present.

  • The dog bites the cat and the cat bites the dog.

    There are only two reciprocal pronouns and they are both two words.

  • each other

  • one another

    When we use these reciprocal pronouns :

  • There must be two or more people, things or groups involved (so we cannot use reciprocal pronouns with I, you [singular], he/she/it).

  • They must be doing the same thing.

    Examples :

  • The children can help each other in doing the home work.

  • Victor and Laurie were sitting next to each other.

  • They gave all evidence against each other.

  • The two of them sat facing one another.

    Grammar Index : 2

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