Reciprocal Pronouns

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Reciprocal Pronouns :

The reciprocal pronouns are each other and one another. They are convenient forms for combining ideas. If Bob gave Alicia a book for Christmas and Alicia gave Bob a book for Christmas, we can say that they gave each other books (or that they gave books to each other).

  • My mother and I give each other a hard time.

  • If more than two people are involved (let's say a whole book club), we would say that they gave one another books. This rule (if it is one) should be applied circumspectly. It's quite possible for the exchange of books within this book club, for example, to be between individuals, making each other just as appropriate as one another.

    Reciprocal pronouns can also take possessive forms:

  • They borrowed each other's ideas.

  • The scientists in this lab often use one another's equipment.

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