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This is a sample Reply to Congratulation Letter.Mr. Maraca won the election held to elect a member to the Legislature Assembly of his country. His friend, Mr. Manic who is USA, is writing a letter congratulating Mr. Maraca on Success in the election.Now, Mr. Maraca is writing a reply.

231/MN- Old Colony,
Gandhi Marg,
New Delhi.

30th October 2000.

Dear Mr. Manic,

I am very happy to know that my people have thought me worthy of being their representative. I hope I shall prove worthy of their expectations.

You have rightly pointed out the major problems of my constituency. I have already spoken to our railway authorities to connect Arrah to all important towns by train. Good roads must go up even to the villages so that we can transport machines and materials for building. I want to build a good school in each village and a college in each district here. Medical facilities are the pressing needs and a dispensary will have to be build at each village.

Do visit my place whenever you can. You will have no problem about stay and travel as long as I am the M.L.A.

Please let me know the problems that you face in my constituency so that they will be set right at the earliest.

With love.

Yours truly,

Signature of Maraca


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