Role of The Press

Role of The Press :

Press is more than a media of information. The news may be colored with views and the comments upon the news generally would challenge our options. That is why press plays an important role in democratic country. It can make or break the governments. It can calm down the people or play up their passions, it can help the party in power to strengthen its Position or make the opposition to get the upper hand. Press not only leaves its impact on political life but also affects our social and economic life. It can help in tracing out the criminals. It can give expression to the grievance of the people and it can help the people to attain heir ends.

In a democratic society the main task of the pool is to watch the democratic character of the political organization. There are many dangers to the democratic set up. The people in power try to encroach upon the rights of the common man. The people may not be able to enjoy their rights because of the interference of some. The press puts a check upon these types of tendencies by pin pointing the lapses of the party in power. The press can change the opinions of the people and the party becomes unpopular.

The press can cultivate political outlook of the people and can help them in consolidating public opinion. Till the people are politically conscious and the people know their own rights and duties, the working of democracy will be chaste. Press can often play negative roles. It may start instigating people against one or the other leader or against the party in power. Under such circumstance the security of the country may be in danger. In such cases people shall not allow the press to have its own way. There should be a more code for the press to follow.

The roll of the press can be conductive or destructive. If it plays a constructive role, the political organization will be more in agreement with the interest of the people. It will also stand for justice, mass participations and larger benefits of the people. There is possibility if the journalists are conscious of their duties. But it’s better if the press is independent, responsible and enlightened.

Role of The Press