Role of Women in Modern India

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Role of Women in Modern India :

Women of modern India are held in high esteem. They are considered as equal to men in all respects. It is the women who care for and nurture the children. They can infuse into them religious and pious feelings. The ideal example is that of Chatrapathi Shivaji. It is the women who convert the home either into a heaven or hell. Much of the formative years are spent with the mother. A mother is called WALKING UNIVERSITY.

We often hear that behind every successful man there is a woman. Without the encouragement of women, men cannot achieve anything. Gone are the days when women denied the benefits of education. To day we find women in almost all walks of life. They have achieved glory in almost all fields. Though often referred to the weaker vessels, they are not second to men in any way.

Modern Indian needs the efforts of women to check drug abuse, to uplift the downtrodden and to attend on the sick and needy. Only they have the understanding and patience to achieve these. They can join together and fight against discrimination, sex abuse, observance of Sati, dowry, alcoholism etc. they have a positive role in politics as seen in our neighbouring countries.

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