Rome Was Not Built In A Day.

Rome Was Not Built In A Day. :

The ancient Roman Empire is considered a very beautiful and great symbol of the past. The city of Rome was its capital. Rome is renowned for its architectural beauty. It has many beautiful buildings, parks, gardens and fountains. But all those things were not built overnight. It took the pain and labour of many slaves to complete the construction. So it is a fact that nothing can be achieved overnight. We simply cannot hope to achieve anything great within a day. Only through patient and hard labour can anything of real significance be achieved. Writing a book for example cannot be achieved with computer or modern technology alone. It needs real brain work. Only by using one’s imagination and patient toil can such a thing be done. Likewise if we want to reach high position in life, we should put in hard toil for years. This proverb metaphorically means great position can be reached only through persistent work.

Rome Was Not Built In A Day.