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SAT Vocabulary for 3rd September :

  1. Quack (n): the cry of a duck, a pretender of knowledge and skill esp. in medicine

  2. Quad (n): a guadrangle, a court

  3. Quadrangle (n): a figure with four sides; a rectangular or square courtyard

  4. Quadrilateral (adj.): four sided

  5. Quadrilateral (n): a figure with four sides

  6. Quadrille (n): card game for four with 40 cards

  7. Quadruped (n): a four-footed animal

  8. Quadruple (n & v): four times, make four fold

  9. Quadruple (adj.): four-fold

  10. Quaff (v): to drink or swallow in large gulps

  11. Quagmire (n): wet soft boggy ground

  12. Quail (n): a bird

  13. Quail (v): show fear

  14. Quaint (adj.): attractive but unfamiliar

  15. Quake (v): shake, tremble with (fear, cold, etc.)

  16. Quake (n): a trembling, shiver, an earthquake

  17. Quaker (n): a member of a Christian group conducting meetings without priests

  18. Qualification (n): fitness for a post or office

  19. Qualify (v): make eligible or fit, modify, put a limit to

  20. Quality (v): distinguishing trait, goodness, respected social position

  21. Qualm (n): feeling of faintness, uneasiness

  22. Quandary (n): perplexing state, dilemma

  23. Quantity (n): something which can be measured i.e. weight, size, amount, number

  24. Quarantine (n): a system under which persons are kept in seclusion until it is known that there is no danger of spreading disease

  25. Quarrel (n): an angry dispute, brawl

  26. Quarrel (v): dispute

  27. Quarrelsome (adj.): habitually quarrelling

  28. Quarry (n): a place in the ground from which stone is dug, a hunted animal etc.

  29. Quarry (v): dig from a quarry

  30. Quart (n): the forth part of gallon

  31. Quarter (n): one fourth of the whole, ½ of a hundred weight, a room or cell

  32. Quarter (v): give room, to cut into four

  33. Quarter–deck (n): place in the ship reserved for officer

  34. Quarter-master (n): a military officer in charge of the stores

  35. Quartet (ie) (n): singular (four)

  36. Quartz (n): a kind of mineral that is made up a hard crystal

  37. Quash (v): make void, annul, put an end to

  38. Quaver (v): tremble, shake

  39. Quaver (n): musical note

  40. Quay (n): a landing place where boats are loaded or unloaded

  41. Queen (n): strange, suspicious, unwell

  42. Queer (adj.): strange, suspicious, unwell

  43. Quell (v): to suppress

  44. Quench (v): allay, put out, cool

SAT Vocabulary for 3rd September :

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