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This is the largest collection of SAT Vocabulary. We have selected More than 5000 words for you to help you reach the right level for the SAT.Keep a notebook with you when you do any SAT verbal test so that you can compile your own personal word list. Look up the words in a good dictionary. Regular vocabulary work does get results.

Some students mistakenly think that learning words is a waste since the chances of the words appearing on the actual SAT test is low. But, in fact, the common words crop up with great regularity on the tests and you would be harming your chances of doing well if you don't learn all the words we have given. Also this is your chance to spend a couple of months building a vocabulary that will be an asset for ever.


Here is The SAT Vocabulary beginning with L.

laborious adj. Toilsome.
labyrinth n. A maze.
lacerate v. To tear rudely or raggedly.
lackadaisical adj. Listless.
lactation n. The secretion of milk.
lacteal adj. Milky.
lactic adj. Pertaining to milk.
laddie n. A lad.
ladle n. A cup-shaped vessel with a long handle, intended for dipping up and pouring liquids.
laggard adj. Falling behind.
landholder n. Landowner.
landlord n. A man who owns and lets a tenement or tenements.
landmark n. A familiar object in the landscape serving as a guide to an area otherwise easily lost track of.
landscape n. A rural view, especially one of picturesque effect, as seen from a distance or an elevation.
languid adj. Relaxed.
languor n. Lassitude of body or depression.
lapse n. A slight deviation from what is right, proper, or just.
lascivious adj. Lustful.
lassie n. A little lass.
latent adj. Dormant.
latency n. The state of being dormant.
later adv. At a subsequent time.
lateral adj. Directed toward the side.
latish adj. Rather late.
lattice n. Openwork of metal or wood, formed by crossing or interlacing strips or bars.
laud v. To praise in words or song.
laudable adj. Praiseworthy.
laudation n. High praise.
laudatory adj. Pertaining to, expressing, or containing praise.
laundress n. Washerwoman.
laureate adj. Crowned with laurel, as a mark of distinction.
lave v. To wash or bathe.
lawgiver n. A legislator.
lawmaker n. A legislator.
lax adj. Not stringent or energetic.
laxative adj. Having power to open or loosen the bowels.
lea n. A field.
leaflet n. A little leaf or a booklet.
leaven v. To make light by fermentation, as dough.
leeward n. That side or direction toward which the wind blows.
left-handed adj. Using the left hand or arm more dexterously than the right.
legacy n. A bequest.
legalize v. To give the authority of law to.
legging n. A covering for the leg.
legible adj. That may be read with ease.
legionary n. A member of an ancient Roman legion or of the modern French Legion of Honor.
legislate v. To make or enact a law or laws.
legislative adj. That makes or enacts laws.
legislator n. A lawgiver.
legitimacy n. Accordance with law.
legitimate adj. Having the sanction of law or established custom.
leisure n. Spare time.
leniency n. Forbearance.
lenient adj. Not harsh.
leonine adj. Like a lion.
lethargy n. Prolonged sluggishness of body or mind.
levee n. An embankment beside a river or stream or an arm of the sea, to prevent overflow.
lever n. That which exerts, or through which one may exert great power.
leviathan n. Any large animal, as a whale.
levity n. Frivolity.
levy v. To impose and collect by force or threat of force.
lewd adj. Characterized by lust or lasciviousness.
lexicographer n. One who makes dictionaries.
lexicography n. The making of dictionaries.
lexicon n. A dictionary.
liable adj. Justly or legally responsible.
libel n. Defamation.
liberalism n. Opposition to conservatism.
liberate v. To set free or release from bondage.
licentious adj. Wanton.
licit adj. Lawful.
liege adj. Sovereign.
lien n. A legal claim or hold on property, as security for a debt or charge.
lieu n. Stead.
lifelike adj. Realistic.
lifelong adj. Lasting or continuous through life.
lifetime n. The time that life continues.
ligament n. That which binds objects together.
ligature n. Anything that constricts, or serves for binding or tying.
light-hearted adj. Free from care.
ligneous adj. Having the texture of appearance of wood.
likelihood n. A probability.
likely adj. Plausible.
liking n. Fondness.
limitation n. A restriction.
linear adj. Of the nature of a line.
liner n. A vessel belonging to a steamship-line.
lingo n. Language.
lingua n. The tongue.
lingual adj. Pertaining to the use of the tongue in utterance.
linguist n. One who is acquainted with several languages.
linguistics n. The science of languages, or of the origin, history, and significance of words.
liniment n. A liquid preparation for rubbing on the skin in cases of bruises, inflammation, etc.
liquefacient adj. Possessing a liquefying nature or power.
liquefy v. To convert into a liquid or into liquid form.
liqueur n. An alcoholic cordial sweetened and flavored with aromatic substances.
liquidate v. To deliver the amount or value of.
liquor n. Any alcoholic or intoxicating liquid.
listless adj. Inattentive.
literacy n. The state or condition of knowing how to read and write.
literal adj. Following the exact words.
literature n. The written or printed productions of the human mind collectively.
lithe adj. Supple.
lithesome adj. Nimble.
lithograph n. A print made by printing from stone.
lithotype n. In engraving, an etched stone surface for printing.
litigant n. A party to a lawsuit.
litigate v. To cause to become the subject-matter of a suit at law.
litigious adj. Quarrelsome.
littoral adj. Of, pertaining to, or living on a shore.
liturgy n. A ritual.
livelihood n. Means of subsistence.
livid adj. Black-and-blue, as contused flesh.
loam n. A non-coherent mixture of sand and clay.
loath adj. Averse.
loathe v. To abominate.
locative adj. Indicating place, or the place where or wherein an action occurs.
loch n. A lake.
locomotion n. The act or power of moving from one place to another.
lode n. A somewhat continuous unstratified metal- bearing vein.
lodgment n. The act of furnishing with temporary quarters.
logic n. The science of correct thinking.
logical adj. Capable of or characterized by clear reasoning.
logician n. An expert reasoner.
loiterer n. One who consumes time idly.
loneliness n. Solitude.
longevity n. Unusually prolonged life.
loot v. To plunder.
loquacious adj. Talkative.
lordling n. A little lord.
lough n. A lake or loch.
louse n. A small insect parasitic on and sucking the blood of mammals.
lovable adj. Amiable.
low-spirited adj. Despondent.
lowly adv. Rudely.
lucid adj. Mentally sound.
lucrative adj. Highly profitable.
ludicrous adj. Laughable.
luminary n. One of the heavenly bodies as a source of light.
luminescent adj. Showing increase of light.
luminescence n. Showing increase.
luminosity n. The quality of giving or radiating light.
luminous adj. Giving or radiating light.
lunacy n. Mental unsoundness.
lunar adj. Pertaining to the moon.
lunatic n. An insane person.
lune n. The moon.
lurid adj. Ghastly and sensational.
luscious adj. Rich, sweet, and delicious.
lustrous adj. Shining.
luxuriance n. Excessive or superfluous growth or quantity.
luxuriant adj. Abundant or superabundant in growth.
luxuriate v. To live sumptuously.
lying n. Untruthfulness.
lyre n. One of the most ancient of stringed instruments of the harp class.
lyric adj. Fitted for expression in song.

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