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SAT Vocabulary Practice for 20th August :

  1. Poison (n) : a substance that destroys life or injures health

  2. Poison (v) : to kill or injure thus

  3. Poke (v) : thrust, push

  4. Poke (n) : a thrust bag, a pocket

  5. Polar (adj.) : relating to the poles of the earth

  6. Pole (n) : an end of the earth’s axis or magnet, a stick, post, pillar, a measure of length

  7. Polecat (n) : small dark brown carnivorous of the weasel kind

  8. Polestar (n) : a celestial star near the North pole

  9. Policy (n) : course of action adopted by government, party etc., document containing contract of insurance and assurance

  10. Polish (v) : make smooth and glossy

  11. Polish (n) : glossy smoothness

  12. Polish (adj.) : of Poland

  13. Polite (adj.) : well-bred, refined in manners; courteous

  14. Politic (adj.) : judicious, crafty

  15. Political (adj.) : relating to Government

  16. Politician (n) : persons taking part in politics, statesman

  17. Politics (n) : the art of Government, political affairs of life

  18. Polka (n) : a kind of dance

  19. Pollen (n) : the yellow fertilizing powder found in flowers

  20. Pollinate (v) : cause the pollen to fall into the stigma

  21. Pollute (v) : defile, make unclean or foul

  22. Pollute (n) : pollution

  23. Polo (n) : a game on horse back

  24. Poltroon (n) : spiritless coward

  25. Polyandry (n) : the custom of woman having at a time more than one husband

  26. Polygamy (n) : plurality of wives

  27. Polyglot (adj.) : speaking or writing several languages

  28. Polygon (n) : a plane figure of many sides

  29. Polytechnic (adj.) : dealing with various arts or subjects

  30. Pomade (n) : scented ointment for hair and skin of the head

  31. Pomegranate (n) : a tree and its fruit

  32. Pomp (adj.) : pompous

  33. Pomp (n) : great show, splendour, parade

  34. Poncho (n) : oblong piece of cloth with a slit in the middle for head

  35. Pond (n) : a pool

  36. Ponder (v) : think(over), meditate

  37. Ponderous (adj.) : heavy, bulky, unwieldy

  38. Poniard (n) : dagger

  39. Pontiff (n) : the Pope , chief, priest, a bishop

  40. Pony (n) : a house of small breed

  41. Poodle (n) : a pet dog with long curly hair

  42. Pooh (inter.) : an expression of contempt

  43. Pooh-pooh (v) : treat with contempt

  44. Pool (n) : small stretch of still water, a collection of produce in one place

SAT Vocabulary Practice for 20th August :

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