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SAT Vocabulary Words for 12th September :

  1. Regulation (n): rule, order, adjustment

  2. Rehabilitate (v): bring back to the former position

  3. Rehearsal (n): a private practice of drama, music etc, before performance in public

  4. Reign (n): period of rule

  5. Reign (v): rule, predominate

  6. Reimburse (v): make good by paying back

  7. Reimburse (n): reimbursement

  8. Rein (n): long narrow strap attached to a bridle

  9. Rein (v): control guide

  10. Reincarnation (n): re-embodiment

  11. Reindeer (n): a variety of large deer

  12. Reinforce (v): to support and strengthen

  13. Reinstate (v): replace in the former state

  14. Reiterate (v): repeat again and again

  15. Reject (v): refuse to accept, exclude

  16. Rejoice (v): delight, exult

  17. Rejoicing (n): joy, happiness

  18. Rejoicing (pl.): a celebration, merry-making

  19. Rejoin (v): to join again, to answer to a reply

  20. Rejoinder (n): an answer to a reply

  21. Rejuvenate (v): make young again

  22. Rejuvenate (n): rejuvenation

  23. Relapse (v): revert

  24. Relapse (n): reversion

  25. Relapsing fever (n): a fever recurring again and again

  26. Relate (v): tell, narrate, point out connection

  27. Related (adj.): of the same family allied

  28. Relation (n): a narration, connection, kindred

  29. Relative (adj.): having relation

  30. Relative (n): a kinsman

  31. Relativity (n): comparison

  32. Relax (v): to weaken, become less stiff, to make less severe, slacken

  33. Relay (n): transmission in successive stages

  34. Relay (v): lay again

  35. Release (n): discharge liberation, act of exhibiting for the first time (a film) to the public

  36. Relegate (v): banish, to put away or lower

  37. Relentless (adj.): merciless, without pity

  38. Relevance (n): being to the point, pertinence, obvious relation

  39. Relevant (adj.): pertinent, connected

  40. Reliable (adj.): trustworthy

  41. Reliable (n): reliability

  42. Reliance (n): trust, confidence

  43. Relic (n): residue, reminiscence

  44. Relict (n): window

  45. Relief (n): removal of pain, distress, aid, taking the place of a person on duty, raised above the curved surface

  46. Relieve (v): lighten, ease; take over charge

  47. Religion (n): one of the systems of faith and worship

SAT Vocabulary Words for 12th September :

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