SMS Message Sentences

We all use SMS Message Sentences quite frequently. SMS (Short Messaging Service) is a technology that permits users to send text messages of around 150 characters between mobile phones. SMS has fast developed as a language all its own which youngsters enjoy using, while elders frown in disapproval. Since the messages have to be in minimal length and it is difficult to type on a phone keypad, SMS fans use a lot of abbreviations instead of full words. The common SMS Words and sentences are presented in the following pages. These short SMS Words will help you send messages in short period of time. You can create your own SMS Words and spread them among your friends and relatives so that you could use them more frequently and more usefully. You are welcome to share your SMS Words with the rest of the world by submitting them to us. We will add those words in these lists.

What is a Message?

A message is a very brief written communication. Generally we write messages to people with whom we are in close contact : members of our family, friends, relatives, neighbours, colleagues etc. Written messages become necessary when telephonic contacts are not possible.

  1. Hai! How are you?

  2. I am fine.

  3. Call me later.

  4. I am busy now.

  5. I will be arriving at 10’O clock.

  6. Meeting is cancelled.

  7. See you.

  8. Please call.

  9. Happy birthday.

  10. Thank you.

  11. What are you doing now?

  12. If you are free call me.

  13. Your dress is nice.

  14. Hai! You are very beautiful.

  15. So sweet is your voice.

  16. Call you back.

  17. Where are you?

  18. When will you come?

  19. Are you busy now?

  20. I have started.

  21. I am on the way.

  22. Can I speak with you?

  23. Today can I meet you?

  24. Why did not you attend my call?

  25. We will go for shopping after 6’O clock.

  26. Do you remember me?

  27. I am disturbing you.

  28. Sorry. Understand my situation.

  29. Wish you many more happy returns of the day.

  30. Wish you a happy successful married life.

  31. Wish you happiness for your bright future.

  32. Keep punctuality.

  33. You behave gently.

  34. Be grateful.

  35. I asked for the information.

  36. I do not know English.

  37. Does she go there?

  38. What is your name?

  39. My name is Kamal.

  40. Who are you?

  41. I am Jackson.

  42. What do you do?

  43. I am an industrialist.

  44. How old are you?

  45. I am twenty-seven years old.

  46. What is your age?

  47. My age is twenty-seven.

  48. Where were you born?

  49. I was born in Delhi.

  50. In which year were you born?

  51. I was born in 1987.

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