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We all use SMS Words quite frequently. SMS (Short Messaging Service) is a technology that permits users to send text messages of around 150 characters between mobile phones. SMS has fast developed as a language all its own which youngsters enjoy using, while elders frown in disapproval. Since the messages have to be in minimal length and it is difficult to type on a phone keypad, SMS fans use a lot of abbreviations instead of full words. The common SMS Words and sentences are presented in the following pages. These short SMS Words will help you send messages in short period of time. You can create your own SMS Words and spread them among your friends and relatives so that you could use them more frequently and more usefully. You are welcome to share your SMS Words with the rest of the world by submitting them to us. We will add those words in these lists.

B : Be

BCNU : Be seeing you

B4 : Before

BBL : Be back later

BBS : Be back soon

BRB : Be right back

BRT : Be right there

BION : Believe it or not

BTDT : Been there, done that

BB : Bye-bye

B4N : Bye for now

BF : Boyfriend

BG : Big grin

BK : Big kiss

BAK : Back at keyboard

BOL : Best of luck

By : Busy

BTW : By the way

BFN/B4N : Bye for now

BS : Bullshit!

BTW : By the way

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