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Sadlier Oxford Vocabulary Workshop for 21st September :

  1. Roach (n): a fresh-water fish

  2. Road (n): a public way for travelling on

  3. Roads (n); highway, a passage, a path

  4. Roadster (n): a kind of open motorcar, a ship at anchor

  5. Roam (v): to wander about

  6. Roan (v): of a mixed colour

  7. Roan (n): a mixed coloured horse

  8. Roar (v): utter a full loud hoarse sound

  9. Roar (n): the loud noise made by a beast

  10. Roast (v): to bake before a fire or in an oven by dry heat

  11. Roast (n): roasted meat

  12. Rob (v): plunder, steal, deprive

  13. Robber (n): a thief

  14. Robbery (n); the act of stealing

  15. Robe (n): long loose outer garments

  16. Robot (n): a machine acting like a man, a man doing things like a machine

  17. Robust (adj.): strong and healthy

  18. Rock (n): a large mass of stone

  19. Rock (v): swing to and fro, shake

  20. Rocket (n): a kind of firework which shoots up high in the air when ignited, a means for forcing up a space craft in to the atmosphere

  21. Rocking chair (n): a swinging chair

  22. Rock salt (n): a hard solid form of salt

  23. Rod (n): a slender long straight piece of metal or wood, a measure or wood a measure of length (51/2 yards) called a pole

  24. Rode (v): past tense of RIDE

  25. Rodent (adj.): gnawing

  26. Rodent (n): a gnawing animal

  27. Roe (n): a female deer

  28. Rogue (n): a dishonest, person, rascal

  29. Role (n): character, function

  30. Roll (v): turn over round and round into a cylinder or sphere

  31. Roll (n): paper. Etc. rolled up, a list of names

  32. Roll call (n): calling over a list of names to determine the attendance

  33. Roller (n): a heavy cylindrical mass used for pressing, smoothing, crushing etc

  34. Rollick (n): a noisy revelry

  35. Rollick (v): revel noisily

  36. Roman (adj.): of Rome

  37. Roman (n): a native or inhabitant of Rome

  38. Romance (n): story or novel of adventure

  39. Romantic (adj.): full of imagination, dealing with love

  40. Romp (n): a child (escape a girl) full of frolic, rough play

  41. Romp (v): gambol

  42. Rontgenrays (n): X-ray

  43. Rood (n): ¼ acre, the cross of Christ

  44. Roof (n): the top covering of a house

  45. Roof (v): provide with roof

  46. Rook (n): a crow like bird, a cheat

  47. Rook (v): to cheat

  48. Room (n): part of a house enclosed by walls, opportunity or proper occasion

Sadlier Oxford Vocabulary Workshop for 21st September :

English Vocabulary Index

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