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Sadlier Oxford Vocabulary for 28th October :

  1. Stain (n) : colouring liquid, a spot, blemish, blot, disgrace

  2. Stain (v) : soil sully

  3. Stair (n) : steps

  4. Stair-case (n) : a series of steps

  5. Stake (n) : strong, pointed length of wood, pale, wager

  6. Stalactite (n) : a stalk of lime hanging from the roof of a cave

  7. Stale (adj.) : not new, uninteresting, rapid, tasteless

  8. Stalemate (n) : a position in which neither side can win

  9. Stalk (n) : the stem or main axis of support of a leaf, flower of plant

  10. Stall (n) : compartment for one animal in cattle shed

  11. Stallion (n) : a stud or uncast rated horse

  12. Stalwart (adj.) : tall and sturdy

  13. Stamen (n) : the male organ in a flower producing pollen

  14. Stamina (n) : physical or mental capacity to withstand hardship

  15. Stamp (n) : instrument for stamping, the act of impressing

  16. Stampede (n) : a great sudden rush

  17. Stanchion (n) : a supporting iron bar

  18. Standard (n) : an accepted measure of quality, ensign, criterion, rule

  19. Standard (adj.) : legal, usual, regular

  20. Stand-by (n) : a reliable support

  21. Standing (adj.) : erect, lasting, settled

  22. Standing (n) : rank

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