Science Quiz

Science Quiz :

Earth is located in which galaxy?

What is the name of the largest moon in Saturn?

What is the largest type of big-cat in the world?

What are female elephants called?

A doe is what kind of animal?

Can frog live in salt water?

A group of dog off spring is known as a?

What orbits the nucleus of an atom?

What is the center of an atom is called?

The shape of DNA is known as?

What substance are nails made up of?

The innermost part of one BONE contains what?

The deepest point in all the world’s ocean is named what?

Pure water as PH well of around what number?

The fur of which animal is known as arachnophrica?

How many bones does a shark have in its undies?

What is the symbol of TUNGSTEN?

The Japanese word SAKURA means blosssomings of what kind of tree?

Amleer is made from feslings of which tree?

Do male or female mosquitos bite people?

Which day is the day of Earth Day?

Substances that do not conduct heat are known as what?

The tallest dog in the world stands over 150 cm in height. TRUE or FALSE

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Science Quiz