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Science Vocabulary Words for 3rd November :

  1. Stitch (n) : a single passage of threaded needle through fabric skin or flesh

  2. Stitch (v) : to sew

  3. Stockade (n) : a line of poles set upright to form a fence

  4. Stockade (v) : put up a fence

  5. Stocking (n & pl) : a pair of tight covering for the foot and leg

  6. Stoic (adj.) : unaffected by pleasure or pain

  7. Stoke (v) : stir a fire, put o fuels

  8. Stoker (n) : one who feeds a furnace with fuel

  9. Stole (v) : past tense of STEAL

  10. Stole (n) : a long robe reaching the feet

  11. Stolid (adj.) : dull, heavy, lacking, animation

  12. Stomach (n) : bag-like part of alimentary canal into which food passes to be digested, stomachic

  13. Stomach (adj.) : peptic, digestive

  14. Stone (adj.) : peptic, digestive

  15. Stone (n) : a small portion of mineral matter or rock, a precious gem

  16. Stone-blind (adj.) : completely blind

  17. Stone dead (adj.) : lifeless or dead as a stone

  18. Stone-deaf (adj.) : completely deaf

  19. Stood (v) : past tense and past participle of stand, stand

  20. Stool (n) : a seat without a back or arms, evacuating the bowels, evacuation

  21. Stoop (v) : bend forwards, bend the neck, lower oneself morally

  22. Stop (v) : check, obstruct, suspend, close up

  23. Stop (n) : pause, rest, point

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