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Scrabble Words for 23rd December :

  1. Whelp (n) : a puppy, a cub, an unmannerly youth or child

  2. When (adv.) : at what time? At or after the time that

  3. When (conj.) : at what time? At or after the time that

  4. Whence (adv.) : from what place, source, cause, etc.

  5. Whenever (adv.) : at what-ever time, at every time when

  6. Whenever (conj.) : at what-ever time, at every time when

  7. Where about (adv.) : about where ? About which? Near what? Which place?

  8. Whereabouts (n) : location, the place where one is

  9. Whereas (conj.) : considering that things are such that, since, when in fact

  10. Whereby (adv.) : by what? How?

  11. Whereby (conj.) : by which, by means of which

  12. Wherever (adv.) : where

  13. Wherever (conj.) : in, at or to whatever place

  14. Wherefore (adv.) : for what reason, why?

  15. Wherefore (conj.) : for which, therefore

  16. Wherein (adv.) : in which respect? In what?

  17. Whereon (adv.) : on what?

  18. Whereon (conj.) : on which

  19. Whereto (adv.) : to what? To which?

  20. Whereupon (adv.) : upon what? Where on?

  21. Wherewith (adv.) : with which, with what?

  22. Wherewithal (n) : means

  23. Whet (v) : to sharpen by rubbing or grinding, to stimulate

  24. Whether (pron.) : which of two

  25. Whetstone (n) : an abrasive stone for sharpening cutting instruments

  26. Whey (n) : watery part of sour milk after curd is separated

  27. Which (prop.) : what one of the persons, things etc. implied

  28. Whichever (pron.) : any or the one that, every one which

  29. Whishsoever (pron.) : any or the one that, every one which

  30. Whilom (adv.) : once, formerly

  31. Whilom (adj.) : former

  32. Whim (n) : a sudden fancy

  33. Whimper (v) : to cry with a low voice

  34. Whimsical (adj.) : full of whims, fantastic, odd

  35. Whine (v) : to utter a high-pitched sound, to beg in a child’s way

  36. Whine (n) : a plaintive cry, an affected complaint

  37. Whinny (v) : neigh

  38. Whinny (n) : the gentle neigh of a horse showing pleasure

  39. Whippet (n) : a small grey hound, a small army tank

  40. Whir (n) : a buzzing sound

  41. Whirlpool (n) : a circular current in river or sea, an eddy

  42. Whirlwind (n) : a current of air whirling violently upward

  43. Whisk (v) : sweep or brush with a small bunch of feathers, straw etc.

  44. Whisky (n) : a strong alcoholic liquor

  45. Whiskey (n) : a strong alcoholic liquor

  46. Whisper (v) : speak with a low sound

  47. Whisper (n) : a low hissing sound

Scrabble Words for 23rd December :

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