Shakespeare Vocabulary for 4th November : Here is the complete list.

Shakespeare Vocabulary

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Shakespeare Vocabulary for 4th November :

  1. Stopcock (n): a short pipe with a valve for stopping or regulating the flow of liquid, a stopper

  2. Stopgap (n) : something which serves a purpose for the time being

  3. Stoppage (n) : arrest, an obstruction, stop

  4. Storage (n) : the storing of goods

  5. Store (n) : stock, supply, abundance, depot

  6. Storey (n) : floor or level in building

  7. Stork (n) : a large long-legged white bird

  8. Storm (n) : tempest, a sudden attack, a burst of anger

  9. Story (n) : tale, legend, falsehood

  10. Stout (adj.) : bulky, fat, bold, strong

  11. Stove (n) : an apparatus for heating by burning fuel

  12. Stow (v) : pack, lay up, store away

  13. Straggler (n) : wanderer, stroller

  14. Straight (adj.) : not crooked, upward, direct, honest

  15. Straight (adv) : directly, immediately, straightaway

  16. Straighten (n) : make straight

  17. Straight forward (adj.) : plain, honest, just

  18. Straightway (adv.) : immediately

  19. Strain (v) : exert forcibly, stretch, injure, constrain, filter

  20. Strained (adj.) : having mutual distrust

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