Simple Conversation at The Air Port

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Simple Conversation at The Air Port :

Passenger : Hello, Good Morning.

Receptionist : Yes, what can I do for you?

Passenger : Has British Airlines landed?

Receptionist : No Sir, it is not the time.

Passenger : When will it land here?

Receptionist : O! there is a lot of time for that.

Passenger : Yes, you can stay in the waiting room.

Receptionist : By the by, Sir have you sent your luggage for weighting and checking.

Passenger : No, I do not have more than my dresses and a few books.

Receptionist : Yet you will have to be checked. This is the formal thing done here.

Passenger : Where have I to go then?

Receptionist : Just to the opposite room.

Passenger : All right have you get the passport and visa ready?

Receptionist : Yes, of course, I have them ready.

Passenger : You can now go to the opposite room.

Receptionist : Excuse me sir, How long will British Airlines stay here?

Passenger : It will stay here for more than an hour.

Receptionist : Why so long?

Passenger : Because it is the lunch time.

Receptionist : When will it reach South York?

Passenger : It will reach South York by 11 a.m. (Indian time) tomorrow.

Receptionist : By the by have you got the O.K. Ticket and Boarding Ticket ready?

Passenger : I have had my immigrant checking, customs checking and boarding pass.

Receptionist : That is all, you can wait for the flight.

Passenger : Thank you, very kind of you.

Receptionist : see you Bon Voyage.

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