Simple Conversation with A Doctor

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Simple Conversation with A Doctor :

Doctor : Hello! What can I do for you?

Patient : Good Morning Doctor. I am not well.

Doctor : Come and sit here.

Doctor : Open your mouth.

Doctor : How long are you not well?

Patient : Since yesterday.

Doctor : No problem-did you have Motion yesterday?

Patient : No Doctor-not so freely.

Patient : Doctor I feel giddy.

Patient : I don’t feel like eating at all.

Doctor : then?

Patient : I feel like vomiting.

Doctor : Do you take a lot of water?

Patient : No, doctor I don’ take too much.

Doctor : Did you take any medicine?

Patient : Yes Doctor, I took Anacin.

Doctor : who told you to take it?

Patient : Nobody Doctor I took it myself.

Doctor : why did you take it?

Patient : Because I felt headache.

Doctor : Nothing to be worried at.

Doctor : Do you need immediate relief?

Patient : No need sir. It is enough you give medicines.

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