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Simple English Words on 1st May :

  1. Generation (n) : all persons of the same age or period, process of generating production

  2. Generator (n) : a machine producing current or a steam

  3. Generosity (n) : nobleness, unselfishness, liberty, benevolence

  4. Generous (adj.) : very charitable, broad-minded, rich in soil, benevolent

  5. Generous (adv.) : generously

  6. Genesis (n) : origin, beginning, source, first book of the Bible

  7. Genail (adj.) : courteous, cordial

  8. Genie ( : sprites or spirits, demons (sing.) : genii

  9. Genitals (n) : organs for propagation of species

  10. Genitive (n) : possessive case

  11. Genius (n) : a highly intelligent person, spirit, clever person, the presiding spirit

  12. Genocide (n) : destruction of race

  13. Genteel (adj.) : fashionable, elegant, polite, well-bred

  14. Gentility (n) : nobleness of birth, politeness of manner

  15. Gentle (adj.) : quiet, soft, of good birth, slow, lenient

  16. Gentle (adv.) : gently

  17. Gentle folk (n) : people of good family

  18. Gentleman (n) : a well mannered man, man of polished and polite manners, a well-bred person

  19. Gentlemanly (adj.) : worthy of a gentleman, behaving like a gentleman

  20. Gentry (n) : the class of people of good station in life

  21. Genuflect (v) : bend the knee in respect

  22. Genuine (adj.) : true, real, unmixed, pure , good, natural

  23. Genuine (adv.) : genuinely

  24. Genus (n) : a kind, class

  25. Geography (n) : science dealing with earth as regards people, climate etc

  26. Geology (n) : the branch of science dealing with the structure of earth

  27. Geology (adj.) : geological

  28. Geometry (n) : a branch of mathematics dealing with lines angles etc.,

  29. Germ (n) : origin, microbe, bud, a very minute form of living

  30. Germ (v) : start growth, spring up

  31. Germane (adj.) : suitable, close related, appropriate

  32. Germicide (n) : a thing that kills germs, a germ killer

  33. Germicide (adj.) : germicidal

  34. Germinate (v) : bud, sprout, produce, begin to grow

  35. Germination (n) : sprouting, off grow

  36. Gerund (n) : ING form of an English verb used as a noun

  37. Gestapo (n) : Nazi secret police

  38. Gestation (n) : time when the fetus is in the womb, pregnancy

Simple English Words on 1st May :

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