Simple Future Tense

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Simple Future Tense :

General Form :

Subject + shall / will + Root verb

I / We - shall + root verb

He / She / It / All Singular subjects - will + root verb

You / they / All Plural Subjects - will + root verb

Rules :

It is used to express an action that will take place in the future time.

Examples :

1. We shall buy a T.V. next month.

2. You will know the result in a week.

3. The novelist will complete his book next month.

4. She will finish her studies next year.

5. They will leave for Delhi tonight.

6. The population of our country will increase in the next ten years.

The presence of the following Keywords in a sentence indicates the existence of This Tense in that sentence.


Here after

In 2018

In a few minutes

In a little time

In future

In the coming days

In the years to come


next month

Next week

next year

On next Monday



Today evening


With in a week

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