Simple Past Tense

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The Simple Past Tense is used to express an action which took place in the past and is completed by the time of speaking.

General Form :

Subject + Was / Were / Past tense verb

I / He / She / It / All Singular subjects – was / past tense verb

We / You / They / All Plural subjects – were / Past tense verb

Rules :

Examples :

Our School celebrated its Silver jubilee last month.

We got Independence on 15th August 1947.

In olden days soldiers fought with swords.

People travelled in carts a hundred years ago.

Babar was the founder of Mughal empire.

Tagore wrote our national anthem.

The presence of the following Keywords in a sentence indicates the existence of This Tense in that sentence.

  1. in 1947

  2. in 1975

  3. In 1980

  4. in 1985

  5. In ancient times

  6. In early days

  7. In my boyhood days

  8. In my childhood

  9. In olden days

  10. In those day

  11. last month

  12. Last week

  13. last year

  14. long long ago

  15. Once

  16. Once upon a time

  17. One day

  18. Then

  19. two years ago

  20. Yesterday

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