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Simple Present Tense :

The Simple Present Tense is the most important and useful tense form. It is called the tense of Science because all the scientific and universal truths are expressed in the Present tense.

General Form :

Subject + am / is / are / verb / verb + s / verb + es

I - am / verb

He / she / it / All Singular subjects - is / verb + s / verb +es

We / You / they / All plural subjects - are / verb

The verb BE will take one of the forms of AM / IS / ARE, depending upon the nature of the noun or pronoun.

All other verbs except BE will take form of the verb with S or ES depending upon the nature of noun of pronoun.

Examples :

Today is Monday.

I am a teacher.

Every day Devi goes to school on foot.

We go to Ooty every summer.

My father reads newspaper daily.

Points to remember :

  1. In Simple Present Tense, the SUBJECT is Third person singular, we have to add S or ES to the verb.

  2. HE, SHE, IT and THEY are third person SUBJECTS.

  3. If the ROOT VERB ends in Y and the letter just before Y is a vowel, add only S after it.

    Examples :

    pray – prays

    say – says

    lay – lays

    play – plays

  4. If the ROOT VERB ends in SS, CH, SH, X or O, we have to add ES after it.

    Examples :

    teach – teaches

    do – does

    miss – misses

    push – pushes

    search – searches

    go – goes

    press – presses

    punish - punishes

  5. If the ROOT VERB ends in Y and the letter just before Y is NOT a vowel, add only ES after it.

    Examples :

    Marry – marries

    Carry – carries

    Cry – cries

    Fly – flies

    Try – tries

    Bury – buries

  6. An uncountable is a singular noun. The uncountable generally do not have any plural form.

    Examples :












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