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  1. I think I could turn and live with animals. They are so placid and self-contained. They do not lie awake in the dark and weep for their sins.
    (Walt Whitman)

  2. In the beginning, sin is like a thread of a spider's web. But in the end, it becomes like the cable of a ship.
    (Rabbi Akiba)

  3. As long as a man does not sin, he is feared. As soon as he sins, he himself is in fear.
    (Rabbi Ishmel)

  4. Do not envy the glory of the sinner. for you do not know what disaster awaits him.
    (Jesus Ben Sirach : 2 BC)

  5. When I am dead, I hope it may be said:
    His sins were scarlet, but his books were read.
    (Hilaire Belloc)

  6. Why did I write? whose sin to me unknown
    Dipt me in ink, my parents', or my own?
    As yet a child, nor yet a fool to fame,
    I lisp'd in numbers, for the numbers came.
    (Alexander Pope : Epistle to Dr. Arbuthnot)

  7. Few love to hear the sins they love to act.
    (Shakespeare : Pericles)

  8. Other sins only speak. Murder shrieks out.
    (Daniel Webster : 1782-1852)

  9. He that is without sin among you let him first cast a stone at her.
    (St. John : The Bible)

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