The Sir Winston Method

The Sir Winston Method

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A well prepared speech is already Nine - tenths Delivered.

Though there are many formulae for this, let us discuss 2 popular formulae.

• The Sir Winston Method

Borden Formula

Let us see the first one here.

The Sir Winston Method :

The five secrets of speaking the language of leadership.

  • Begin strongly. Impress your audience with an opening zinger.

  • Focus on one theme. A speech is like a song using a full orchestra. There are many different instruments but it has one dominant melody.

  • Use simple language. Toss out the beat - around -the bush jargon and pick up your pace with personal, colourful language.

  • Draw a picture in the listener's mind. Transform dry abstractions into powerful pictures

  • End with an emotion. Express feeling from the heart when you cap your speech.

    Remember the following quote :

    Every time you speak, you are auditioning for leadership. (
    James C. Humes)

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