Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty :

Long ago, a king and a queen had a beautiful baby girl after many years of their marriage. They arranged a grand party to celebrate this happy occasion. They also invited three good fairies to bless the baby-girl.

The first fairy said, “I grant you beauty."

“I grant you sweet voice." wished the second fairy.

The third fairy was about to bless the baby when an evil fairy entered the room. As she was not invited, so she was very angry. She cursed the baby, “On your sixteenth birthday, you will die picking your finger on a spinning wheel!"

Everyone was shocked to hear this. They wept to hear the fate the baby-girl.

Then the third fairy said, “I can only change the curse. In place of dying, the princess will fall asleep for one hundred years. Then the kiss of a prince will break her long sleep."

The king ordered his soldiers to burn all the spinning wheels in the country. On her sixteenth birthday, the princess happily moved around the palace. She suddenly found a secret room where an old woman was spinning some yarn. She invited the princess to learn to spin. In a hurry, she pricked her finger and at once fell asleep for one hundred years. The good fairy also made all the people present in the palace asleep. This condition prevailed there for the next one hundred years.

Many years passed by. Wild creepers and bushes covered the whole palace. Many young men tried to enter the palace. But they were not successful. They were dejected.

One day, a brave prince entered the palace. He found the sleeping princess and bent down to kiss her. At once, the princess opened her eyes and was delighted to see the prince.

The Prince married The Princess. And they happily lived for many more years.

Sleeping Beauty