Snake among The Frogs

Snake among The Frogs :

Once, a large number of frogs lived happily in a well. One day, two frogs got involved into a fierce fight. The other frogs were supporting each of then separately. And this way, two groups of the frogs were formed, each group supporting one frog. Soon the feud grew and the hatred spread among all the frogs of the two groups. They were always trying to demean the frog members of the other group.

One day, one group of frogs went to a snake and said, "In our well, some frogs have become our enemies. Please come to live in our well and eat up all of them. So that you will get food there and we will get rid of our enemies."

The snake agreed to stay in their well. Days went by and the snake started to eat three frogs of the enemy group everyday. Soon all the frogs of that group got killed. Then the other group's frog leader asked the snake to leave the well as the job was done. But the snake was used to get the free food now. So he refused to leave the well. He stayed there and ate up all the other frogs too.

Thus due to a silly fight all the frogs lost their lives.

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