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( Verb & Adjective )

Pronunciation : sódd'-n

Definition : Verb

Past and past participle : soddened
Present participle : soddening
3rd person present singular : soddens

1. to soak or steep

2. to cook by boiling or simmering or to boil

3. to be in a state of agitation or excitement

4. to surge or foam as if boiling

Definition : Adjective

1. extremely wet and heavy with retained moisture

2. having dulled senses as a result of excessive drinking

3. heavy, lumpy or soggy as food that is poorly cooked

4. Unimaginative, torpid


13th century - Obsolete - past participle of seethe meaning soaking

Synonyms for Adjective

soggy, sopping, soppy, wet, besotted, crapulent, crapulous, drunk, drunken, inebriate, inebriated, intoxicated, tipsy

Synonyms for Verb

douse, drench, saturate, soak, sop, souse, wet

Antonyms for Adjective

arid, dried, dry, parched, cheerful,

Antonyms for Verb

dry, clean, neat, ordered, tidy

Contextual Examples:

• My shoes became sodden the more we ran around on the wet field.

• London had wakened to life after three weeks of cold and sodden rain.

• A peculiar stagnant smell hung over the anchorage--a smell of sodden leaves and rotting tree trunks.

• The officer, a very young lad with a broad rosy face and keen merry eyes, galloped up to Denisov and handed him a sodden envelope.

Related Words:

soddenly : Adverb

soddenness : Noun

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