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A trial and error method - try something to see what works.


Through use of nanoscale drug technology, drug companies no longer need to throw
spaghetti on the wall to find out which drugs are most promising.


This phrase comes from an old adage about throwing spaghetti on the wall and seeing what sticks. We at suspect that this is not one of the mottos at The Old Spaghetti Factory or The Macaroni Grill. If you know where this phrase first originated, let us know! Thanks to Anne Patteet.

Alternative: Throwing spaghetti on the wall is how you know spaghetti is fully cooked. If it sticks to the wall, you have cooked it long enough. It it does not stick, you need to cook it more. The real problem with this technique is that overcooked spaghetti sticks to the walls too! Thanks to Tarean West.

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