Spelling Variations

Let us see The Spelling Variations between American Spelling and British Spelling.
The Internet is a worldwide medium, and to our pleasure, surfers from around the globe access our pages daily. Often, they find the same word is spelled differently throughout this site. The same word can even be spelled differently on the same page! Some users become upset about our spelling. They ask us why we spell the words on our pages the way we do.

Our answer is this. When preparing entries for our pages, we use the spelling of words that each individual contributor uses. That's because people spell the same word differently in different parts of the world. We do hope you find this a reasonable explanation. We do not intend to offend anyone's sensibilities over this point.

When this page was originally published, it contained about 200 words. Most of the words were about work and organizations. Over time, our spelling word list has been expanded to include words from many sources. People refer to our word list to help themselves with spelling difficulties of all kinds, not just labour related word problems.

Below, we present a list of spelling variations that appear in the English language. There are over 450 entries in this listing. Looking at the pairs of words will you give an idea of the same word spellings in use. Other sites present web pages that contain a list of rules, variants, exceptions and the like to help writers to remember how to spell a particular word. Other pages provide guidelines about how to spell in an American style and how to spell in a British style. This list is simply a column of word pairs and we've found it easier just to look up the spelling variations.

                                AMERICAN           BRITISH

                                abridgment         abridgement
                                accouterment       accoutrement
                                acknowledgment     acknowledgement
                                advertize          advertise
                                afterward          afterwards
                                agonize            agonise
                                airplane           aeroplane
                                almshouse          almhouse
                                aluminum           aluminium
                                ambiance           ambience
                                ameba              amoeba
                                amphitheater       amphitheatre
                                analog             analogue
                                analyze            analyse
                                analyzed           analysed
                                analyzer           analyser
                                analyzing          analysing
                                anemia             anaemia
                                anemic             anaemic
                                anesthesia         anaesthesia
                                anesthetic         anaesthetic
                                anesthetizing      anaesthetising
                                annex              annexe
                                anodizing          anodising
                                antiaircraft       anti-aircraft
                                apologize          apologise
                                apothegm           apophthegm
                                arbor              arbour
                                archeology         archaeology
                                archiepiscopal     archipiscopal
                                ardor              ardour
                                armor              armour
                                armored            armoured
                                armorer            armourer
                                armoring           armouring
                                armory             armoury
                                artifact           artefact
                                atchoo             atishoo
                                atomizer           atomiser
                                atomizing          atomising
                                ax                 axe
                                B.S.               B.Sc.
                                backward           backwards
                                baptize            baptise
                                barbecue           barbeque
                                bark               barque
                                battle-ax          battleaxe
                                behavior           behaviour
                                behavioral         behavioural
                                behoove            behove
                                Benedictine        Benedectine
                                beside             besides
                                bisulfate          bisulphate
                                bookkeeper         book-keeper
                                boro               borough
                                bylaw              bye law
                                caesarean          caesarian
                                caldron            cauldron
                                caliber            calibre
                                caliper            calliper
                                calisthenics       callisthenics
                                canceling          cancelling
                                candor             candour
                                carbonization      carbonisation
                                carburetor         carburetter
                                carburetor         carburettor
                                carburizing        carburising
                                carcass            carcas
                                catalog            catalogue
                                catalyze           catalyse
                                cauterization      cauterisation
                                cauterizing        cauterising
                                center             centre
                                centerboard        centreboard
                                centerfold         centrefold
                                centering          centring
                                centimeter         centimetre
                                centralize         centralise
                                cesarean           cesarian
                                cesium             caesium
                                channeled          channelled
                                characterize       characterise
                                check              cheque
                                checker            chequer
                                chili              chilli
                                Christianized      Christianised
                                cigaret            cigarette
                                citrus             citrous
                                civilization       civilisation
                                civilize           civilise
                                clamor             clamour
                                clangor            clangour
                                collectible        collectable
                                colonnaded         collonaded
                                color              colour
                                colored            coloured
                                colorful           colourful
                                coloring           colouring
                                colter             coulter
                                commission         commision
                                complete           compleat
                                conjuror           conjurer
                                counselor          counsellor
                                cozies             cosies
                                cozy               cosy
                                criticize          criticise
                                cross-linking      crosslinking
                                crystallizing      crystallising
                                curb               kerb
                                cyclization        cyclisation
                                cyclopedia         cyclopaedia
                                daydream           day-dream
                                decarburizing      decarburising
                                decolorizing       decolourising
                                defense            defence
                                deflexion          deflection
                                demeanor           demeanour
                                deodorizing        deodorising
                                depolarizing       depolarising
                                depolymerizing     depolymerising
                                desensitizer       desensitiser
                                desulfurizing      desulfurising
                                dialling           dialing
                                dialog             dialogue
                                dialyze            dialyse
                                diarrhea           diarrhoea
                                dike               dyke
                                disk               disc
                                disulfide          disulphide
                                dolor              dolour
                                donut              doughnut
                                doodad             doodah
                                draft              draught
                                drypoint           dry-point
                                economizer         economiser
                                edema              oedema
                                elite              ‚lite
                                emphasize          emphasise
                                employe            employee
                                enameled           enamelled
                                enameling          enamelling
                                enamor             enamour
                                enclosure          inclosure
                                encyclopedia       encyclopaedia
                                endeavor           endeavour
                                enology            oenology
                                enroll             enrol
                                enrollment         enrolment
                                ensorcell          ensorcel
                                ensure             insure
                                eon                aeon
                                equaled            equalled
                                equalizing         equalising
                                esophageal         oesophagal
                                esophagoscope      oesophagoscope
                                esophagus          oesophagus
                                estrous            oestrous
                                estrus             oestrous
                                etiology           aetiology
                                eulogize           eulogise
                                fairy tale         fairy-tale
                                fantasize          fantasise
                                favor              favour
                                favorite           favourite
                                favoritism         favouritism
                                fecal              faecal
                                fertilization      fertilisation
                                fertilizing        fertilising
                                fertlizer          fertiliser
                                fervor             fervour
                                fetus              foetus
                                fiber              fibre
                                fiberglass         fibreglass
                                fibers             fibres
                                flavor             flavour
                                flavoring          flavouring
                                fledgling          fledgeling
                                flower girl        flower-girl
                                flower pot         flower-pot
                                fluidized          fluidised
                                fluidizing         fluidising
                                font               fount
                                forward            forwards
                                fresh water        freshwater
                                fulfill            fulfil
                                fulfillment        fulfilment
                                furor              furore
                                gage               gauge
                                galoshes           goloshes
                                galvanizing        galvanising
                                goiter             goitre
                                gonorrhea          gonorrhoea
                                gram               gramme
                                graphitizing       graphitising
                                gray               grey
                                greenhouse         glasshouse
                                groins             groynes
                                gynecology         gynaecology
                                harbor             harbour
                                harmonize          harmonise
                                hauler             haulier
                                hematein           haematein
                                hemoglobin         haemoglobin
                                hemophilia         haemophilia
                                hemorrhage         haemorrage
                                hemorrhage         haemorrhage
                                hemorrhoid         haemorrhoid
                                heyday             heydey
                                homeopath          homoeopath
                                homeostasis        homoeostasis
                                homogenizing       homogenising
                                honor              honour
                                honorable          honourable
                                humor              humour
                                hunting lodge      hunting-lodge
                                iconoclastic       iconaclastic
                                immobilized        immobilised
                                immortalize        immortalise
                                immunizing         immunising
                                impanel            empanel
                                incase             encase
                                industrialization  industrialisation
                                inflection         inflexion
                                inquiry            enquiry
                                ionization         ionisation
                                ionized            ionised
                                isomerizing        isomerising
                                jail               gaol
                                jail               goal
                                jeweler            jeweller
                                jewelry            jewellery
                                jewlry             jewellery
                                judgment           judgement
                                katathermometer    catathermometer
                                key                quay
                                kidnaped           kidnapped
                                kilometer          kilometre
                                kit bag            kitbag
                                knuckle-duster     knuckleduster
                                labeling           labelling
                                labor              labour
                                laborer            labourer
                                land mine          landmine
                                leaned             leant
                                leaped             leapt
                                lemongrass         lemon grass
                                leukemia           leukaemia
                                leveled            levelled
                                license            licence
                                liter              litre
                                localizing         localising
                                lumber jacket      lumberjacket
                                luster             lustre
                                lustering          lustring
                                M.S.               M.Sc.
                                macadamized        macadamised
                                magnetization      magnetisation
                                magnetizing        magnetising
                                magneto therapy    magnetotherapy
                                malleableizing     malleabilising
                                maneuver           manoeuvre
                                maneuvering        manoeuvring
                                market place       market-place
                                marvelous          marvellous
                                matchetes          machets
                                mausoleum          mauseoleum
                                meager             meagre
                                medieval           mediaeval
                                mementos           mementoes
                                menorrhea          menorrhoea
                                mercerizing        mercerising
                                metacenters        metacentres
                                metalizing         metallising
                                meter              metre
                                millenium          millennium
                                mineralization     mineralisation
                                minimizing         minimising
                                misdemeanor        misdemeanour
                                misjudgment        misjudgement
                                miter              mitre
                                modeled            modelled
                                modeler            modeller
                                modernize          modernise
                                mold               mould
                                molded             moulded
                                molding            moulding
                                molds              moulds
                                moldy              mouldy
                                mollusks           molluscs
                                molt               moult
                                mom                mum
                                monolog            monologue
                                monopolize         monopolise
                                multicolor         multicolour
                                mustache           moustache
                                naught             nought
                                nebulizers         nebulisers
                                neighbor           neighbour
                                neighborhood       neighbourhood
                                neighborly         neighbourly
                                neoclassical       neo-classical
                                net                nett
                                neutralization     neutralisation
                                neutralizing       neutralising
                                nite               night
                                niter              nitre
                                northeast          north-east
                                northwest          north-west
                                note paper         note-paper
                                occurring          occuring
                                octagonal          octogonal
                                odor               odour
                                offense            offence
                                optimization       optimisation
                                organization       organisation
                                organize           organise
                                organized          organised
                                orthopedic         orthopaedic
                                oxidize            oxidise
                                oxidizing          oxidising
                                ozonizing          ozonising
                                pajama             pyjama
                                paleobotany        palaeobotany
                                paleocene          palaeocene
                                paleoclimatology   palaeoclimatology
                                paleogeography     palaeogeography
                                paleography        palaeography
                                paleolithic        palaeolithic
                                paleomagnetism     palaeomagnetism
                                paleontology       palaeontology
                                paleozoic          palaeozoic
                                paneling           panelling
                                panelist           panellist
                                pantyhose          panti-hose
                                paper currency     papercurrency
                                paralyze           paralyse
                                parlor             parlour
                                pasteurizing       pasteurising
                                pavilion           pavillion
                                pedagogy           paedagogy
                                pedestrianize      pedestrianise
                                pediatric          paediatric
                                pediatrician       paediatrician
                                pedophile          paedophile
                                pedophilia         paedophilia
                                phanastrons        phantastrons
                                phase changing     phasechanging
                                pjamas             pyjamas
                                plasticizer        plasticiser
                                plow               plough
                                plowing            ploughing
                                plowman            ploughman
                                polarization       polarisation
                                polarize           polarise
                                polarized          polarised
                                polyethylene       polyethene
                                polymerizable      polymerisable
                                polymerized        polymerised
                                practicing         practising
                                preferred          prefered
                                preignition        pre-ignition
                                pretense           pretence
                                prioritize         prioritise
                                program            programme
                                prolog             prologue
                                prophesy           prophecy
                                pseudointellectual pseudo-intellectual
                                pseudoscience      pseudo-science
                                pulverizing        pulverising
                                quarreled          quarrelled
                                raccoon            racoon
                                railroad           railway
                                rancor             rancour
                                rationalize        rationalise
                                raveled            ravelled
                                realize            realise
                                recognize          recognise
                                recognizing        recognising
                                retroflection      retroflexion
                                revitalize         revitalise
                                revolutionize      revolutionise
                                rigor              rigour
                                routing            routeing
                                rumor              rumour
                                saltpeter          saltpetre
                                savior             saviour
                                savor              savour
                                saxophone          saxaphone
                                scepter            sceptre
                                selvage            selvedges
                                sensitizing        sensitising
                                sergeant           serjeant
                                shop               shoppe
                                shoveled           shovelled
                                skeptic            sceptic
                                skillful           skilful
                                smolder            smoulder
                                sniveled           snivelled
                                snowplow           snowplough
                                somber             sombre
                                southeast          south-east
                                southwest          south-west
                                specialize         specialise
                                specialty          speciality
                                spelled            spelt
                                spilled            spilt
                                splendor           splendour
                                stabilizer         stabiliser
                                standardize        standardise
                                sterilization      sterilisation
                                storied            storyed
                                story              storey
                                stylized           stylised
                                subsidizing        subsidising
                                succor             succour
                                sulfate            sulphate
                                sulfide            sulphide
                                sulfite            sulphite
                                sulfur             sulphur
                                sulfureted         sulphuretted
                                sulfurous          sulphurous
                                summarized         summarised
                                supersede          supercede
                                symbolize          symbolise
                                synchronization    synchronisation
                                synthesizing       systhesising
                                tableting          tabletting
                                theater            theatre
                                tho                though
                                thru               through
                                tire               tyre
                                ton                tonne
                                toward             towards
                                transshipment      transhipment
                                traveled           travelled
                                traveler           traveller
                                traveling          travelling
                                trisulfate         trisulphate
                                tumor              tumour
                                tunneling          tunnelling
                                tyrannize          tyrannise
                                ultrahigh          ultra-high
                                ultramodern        ultra-modern
                                unauthorized       unauthorised
                                unrivaled          unrivalled
                                unspoiled          unspoilt
                                utilizing          utilising
                                valor              valour
                                vapor              vapour
                                vaporizer          vaporiser
                                vial               phial
                                vigor              vigour
                                vise               vice
                                wagon              waggon
                                whiskey            whisky
                                woolen             woollen
                                worshiped          worshipped

Of course, we might have completely ommitted few other words. We do appreciate notification of those words. Thank you for your interest.

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