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Spoken English Words for 9th June :

  1. Ipecacuanha (n) : a plant whose root is used as a medicine

  2. Irascible (adj.) : easily made angry

  3. Irate (adj.) : angry

  4. Ire (n) : anger

  5. Iris (n) : circular coloured part of the eye

  6. Irksome (adj.) : tedious, tiresome

  7. Iron (n): a largely used metal

  8. Ironical (adj.): satirical

  9. Irrational (adj.): unreasonable, illogical, absurd

  10. Irreconcilable (adj.): that cannot be pacified, incompatible

  11. Irrecoverable (adj.): that cannot be remedied or recovered

  12. Irredeemable (adj.) : that cannot be restored hopeless

  13. Irreducible (adj.): that cannot be lessened or simplified further

  14. Irrefutable (adj.): that cannot be disproved

  15. Irregular (adj.): abnormal, uneven, disorderly, against rules

  16. Irrelevant (adj.): not to the point, inapplicable

  17. Irreligion (n): ungodliness

  18. Irremediable (adj.) : that cannot be remedied

  19. Irremovable (adj.) : that cannot be removed

  20. Irreparable (adj.): not able to be repaired

  21. Irrepressible (adj.): that cannot be controlled

  22. Irreproachable (adj.): free from fault

  23. Irresistible (adj.): that cannot be resisted or opposed

  24. Irresolute (adj.) : undecided, hesitating

  25. Irrespective (adj.) : not taking into account, regardless, lacking respect

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