Stylish English Words for 1st August : Here is the complete list.

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Stylish English Words for 1st August :

  1. Outstanding (adj.) : in a position to be easily noted, problems, work etc.

  2. Outstrip (v) : to leave behind, to pass

  3. Outvote (v) : to defeat by a greater number of votes in an election

  4. Outward (adj.) : external, visible, directed towards the outside

  5. Outwardly (adv) : on the surface, to all appearances

  6. Outweigh (v) : to be more important, than

  7. Outwit (v) : defeat cleverly or cunningly

  8. Outwork (n) : work outside the main line of fortification

  9. Oval (adj.): egg-shaped

  10. Ovary (n) : a reproductive organ in which eggs are formed

  11. Ovation (n): out burst or enthusiastic expression of welcome or applause

  12. Oven (n) : a fire place for baking or cooking food

  13. Over (prep) : above

  14. Over (adv.) : finished, in excess

  15. Over (adj.) : outer, upper

  16. Overact (v): to act with exaggeration

  17. Over (n) : a loose outer garment

  18. Over (adj.) : total

  19. Overawe (v) : restrain, or over come with awe

  20. Overbearing (adj.): haughty

  21. Overboard (adv) : from the deck in to the water, out of the ship

  22. Overburden (v) : to overload

  23. Overcast (adj.) : sad, cloudy

  24. Overcharge (v) : to overload, to charge too high a price

  25. Overcome (v) : conquer, succeed, defeat, get over

  26. Over-confidence (n) : extreme reliance

  27. Overcrowd (v) : crowd too much

  28. Overdo (v) : to do too much

  29. Overdraft (n) : amount drawn in excess over the deposit

  30. Overdraw (v) : withdraw in excess, exaggerate

  31. Overdue (adj.) : exceeding the time limit

  32. Overflow (v) : flow over the edge or bank

  33. Overflow (n) : surplus, flowing over

  34. Overgrown (adj.) : covered, having grown too fast

  35. Overhang (v) : to jut out over

  36. Overhaul (v) : repair, remend, test to repair

  37. Overhead (adj.) : placed above, over head charges

  38. Overhead (adv.) : above

  39. Overhear (v) : to hear what was not intended, hear by accident

Stylish English Words for 1st August :

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