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Subject and Predicate :

A sentence can be divided into two parts.

1. Subject

2. Predicate

1. The Subject

The subject is that part of a sentence which names a person or thing.

Examples :
The teacher


The dog


The sun


The girl

The horse


The Child
2. The Predicate

The predicate is that part of a sentence which tells something about the subject.

Example :
Teaches well

Twinkle at night

Bite the boy

Bloom in the garden

Shines during the day

Crows in the morning

Dances well

Eats grass

Is clever

Is sleeping
Form a Sentence.

Subject + Predicate

1. The teacher teaches well.

2. Stars twinkle at night.

3. The dog bite the boy.

4. Flowers bloom in the garden.

5. The sun shines during the day.

6. Cock crows in the morning.

7. The girl dances well.

8. The horse eats grass.

9. Raju is clever.

10. The child is sleeping.

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