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( Adjective )

Substantial : suhb-

Definition :

1. Of, relating to, or having substance

2. of ample or considerable amount, quantity, size, etc.

3. basic or essential or fundamental

4. of or pertaining to the essence of a thing : essential, material or important


Philosophy : pertaining to or of the nature of substance rather than an accident or attribute

Etymology :

1300–50 : ME substancial : LL substantiâlis : equivalent to L substanti(a) substance

Synonyms :

stable, sound, valid, important, significant, in essence, substantive, material, real

Antonyms :

immaterial, ethereal

Contextual Examples :

• The Differences between the two theories were not
substantial. In fact, the two theories said the same thing with different words.

• The gossip columnist’s wild accusations were not based on anything
substantial. Her source was a convicted criminal and she had made up all the quotations.

• The very beautiful and
substantial side-wheel steamship Quaker City has been chartered for the occasion, and will leave New York June 8th.

• He is one of the
substantial men of the town.

• The evidence we have is

Related Words :

substantiality, substantialness : Noun

substantially : Adverb

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